About Self Health Girl

There are objective measures of health – glucose levels, LDL and HDL cholesterol levels, blood pressure – and there are objective measures you can track to see if you’re on the right track – hours of sleep each night, amount of cardio each week – but at the end of the day, how you feel about you is subjective.

I'll bring the science. I'll bring ideas and tips. And I'll bring the absolute best products out there – with the best, safest ingredients. You bring you – your passion and your goals and your ambitions – and know this is all about self-health.

I'll be there by your side. We’ll have ups and downs together. We’ll have good weeks and great months. But I want to help you find what works for you. If it makes you healthier, do it. If it makes you feel better while staying healthy, do it.

I'm all about self-health, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a team effort.

Let's do this.